We are renowned for our profound knowledge within the product area Rolling Stock. With over 100 professional experts in Sweden alone and access to another 400 experts worldwide, we provide a wide range of skills and services to our clients.
Our objective is to help our clients’ business succeed and improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of their railway assets and operation. We achieve this through both the optimisation of existing stock and procurement of new rolling stock.
Our expertise covers the full spectrum of Rolling Stock; from all types of passenger vehicles (high speed, regional, suburban/commuter stock, light rail including all tram variations and metro), to freight locomotives, freight wagons and all types of on-track plants and machines.
This expertise extends through all stages of the Rolling Stock lifecycle; from business case feasibility study, specification and procurement, via in-traffic support, maintenance, measurements and test services  all the way through to disposal.
In order to meet the needs of our clients Interfleet provides Rolling Stock support at all levels, from strategic management all the way to detailed technical services, grounded in an understanding of what drives the client’s business in each and every part of their value chain.
The Sweden team is a force for change in the global rail industry. We provide world leading best practise through our industry experts and our extensive experience across an unparalleled range of products, technologies, systems and solutions on all types of Rolling Stock around the world.
We are also known for reliability when it comes to delivery. We are confident in assuming projects of any size and length and also have the ability to mobilise on very short notice to manage urgent tasks. In Sweden part of this reliability stems from having consultants based in several locations around the country which means we can be near our clients.

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Regional Product Director
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