Rail Control Systems is an emerging area within the industry. Our approach is fully scalable providing assistance on minor modification projects or large and complex programmes, for implementation of new systems in metro and across entire rail networks.

Our expertise is extensive and includes everything from automated train protection/control, ERTMS, unattended train operation (UTO) and traffic control centers to communications-based train control (CBTC) and information systems. We also cover a wide range of related services such as platform edge obstacle detection and protection and payment systems.

Building upon the extensive experience within our other products, we are able to offer a full range of services to our clients that are seeking to develop and deliver integrated rail control solutions within a wider, whole-rail-system context. Examples include the integration of control systems with both rail vehicles and fixed infrastructure, or management of change process of the business, operations and maintenance programs.
As part of the Rail & Transit Group and the global SNC-Lavalin family, the Sweden team has unique access to local, regional and international expertise. Our global team within Rail Control Systems consists of many leading industry experts that together have an unrivalled knowledge of products, technologies, systems and solutions used in track and rail worldwide.

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Team Leader Risk & Safety
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