SNC-Lavalin Rail & Transit in Sweden delivers as a knowledge-intensive consultancy. The company provides products and services with a focus on functionality, efficiency and profitability.

We anticipate and meet our customers' expectations through the entire business process - from the initial request through to the delivery and use of our products and services. We strive to ensure that our operations are planned and implemented to be as environmentally friendly as possible, while complying with applicable laws and requirements. All employees are mindful of their physical, mental and social working environment. There is a commitment from every employee, for themselves and for their colleagues, regardless of location of the organisation.

This means that we:
  • Keep our promises, both internally and externally
  • Follow applicable laws and regulations
  • Effectively implement and deliver projects so that customer requirements are achieved or exceeded
  • Consult with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders develop our services, products and skills, so that they create added value for the customer
  • Continuously monitor and conduct continuous improvements to the established quality of the environment and  the working environment
  • Inform clients in a transparent way of actual or potential quality problems with our products, systems and services
  • Promote the railway as one of the most environmentally friendly travel and transport options
  • Set the relevant requirements for suppliers and make the best possible choice of products from an SQE perspective when purchasing
  • Optimise the use of energy and increase recycling at our workplaces
  • Develop environmental awareness among our employees
  • Have a safe and stimulating work environment characterised by respect for - and confidence in - individuals
  • Provide dedicated support and encourage the development of creativity, competence and personal responsibility in each employee

Regional Director