Norway faces big investments and change within the rail industry. These decisions are associated with the future deregulation of the railway sector and presents both current and future organisations with a number of issues.

SNC-Lavalin's Transport Advisory team assist with services within engineering change, investment needs for infrastructure and rolling stock, as well as providing advice regarding new laws and regulations.

With international experience in countries such as the UK and Sweden, we understand the transport sector’s most challenging problems. Our Transport Advisory team offer services that combine technical expertise with strategic solutions, supporting both current and future decision makers. More specifically we offer specialist strategic advice, market analysis, assessments, contract strategies, quality assurance and strategic planning services.

Our team in Norway have completed assignments in the areas of concept study (KVU) and quality assurance (KS1 and KS2). In addition we can provide advice in relation to service related traffic agreements, cost analysis, market entry and positioning in a deregulated market.

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Karin Johansson
Regional Director, Norway
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