Providing a flexible, multi-discipline approach to deliver tangible operational benefits to clients.

As industry leaders we work with suppliers, operators and customers to deliver and integrate traffic management systems and control centres within the railway. We offer a flexible and multi-disciplined approach that ensures measurable operational advantages.

Control Centres can be seen as the heart of a railway system, which integrates a number of other systems such as signalling, traffic management, communications, SCADA, CCTV, IT and reporting tools.

To optimise the overall system performance, Interfleet offers a variety of services such as systems engineering, design, integration and security. Our business aim is to deliver systems with the right balance of automation, intuitive functional interfaces and user environments. To accomplish this we use a user-centered approach, supported by functional technology.

Our experience enables us to maximise the value and functionality for our customer’s legacy systems. We also deliver services on strategic and tactical levels, which in turn enable the introduction of new technologies to happen smoothly.

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