We are a leader in emerging train control systems including ETCS and CBTC.

We are a leader in new rail and signalling systems including ETCS, ERTMS and Thales - ESTW L90 5, as well as metro systems such as CBTC (Communication Based Train Control).

Our team has unique experience in implementing these technologies in some of the most challenging railway networks worldwide. With new technology moving systems from track line into the train, the integration of control systems, rolling stock and infrastructure is becoming increasingly important.

We offer industry-leading expertise in signalling systems for rail and rolling stock. Our experts have significant experience and understanding within traditional signal systems as well as new technologies. Our philosophy is to tackle cost pressures and resource shortages within the market. This is done by enhancing the productivity of existing resources through effective management and pragmatic innovation, rather than to inject more resources to projects that suffer from rework and inefficiency.

Our broad experience and use of modern technology, enables us to define migration paths that allow minimal downtime on existing railway.

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