Client: Sporveien Oslo AS

Year: 2014

Volvat Bridge is an oblique angle bridge where the track towards Østerås and Kolsås is crossing above the track to Ringen, Holmenkollen and Sognsvann. 

The bridge was built in 1938 and had clear signs of its advanced age.  The original plan was to replace the bridge during a 23 days break around Easter time. SNC-Lavalin found that the new bridge would be nine times as heavy as the old one, and that no ground investigation had been done. It was then decided to change the scope of the project to rehabilitation of the existing bridge.

The task of the Project Manager was to ensure that the project would be completed within the time frame and the available recourses. SNC-Lavalin secured a tight Follow-Up of Progress, Economy and Delivery from Providers - which were crucial factors for the success of the project.

The recommendation of SNC-Lavalin to upgrade the existing bridge instead of building a new bridge saved a lot of money for the client, and minimized the client’s risk.

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