Client: Jernbaneverket

Year: 2015

Upgrading of railway stations may include both technical and operational changes. These can have an impact on the safety of both passengers and railway personnel, and they can affect the time period that trains need to stop at the station, which again can affect the total travelling time or capacity of the railway stretch.

Changes can include:
  • Extension and height adjustments of main platform
  • Installation of new platforms or extra platforms
  • Removal/replacement of old platforms, etc. 
  • Installation of culverts with stairs, elevators, etc.
  • Installation of new catenaries, lightning, etc. 
  • Adaption to other public transport installations
  • Furnishing of station area/buildings 
  • Installation of loudspeakers, monitors, etc.
  • Adaption of signals to fit the upgraded station
  • Other changes   
Because of the above mentioned challenges, SNC-Lavalin was involved with RAMS Advisory Services in several upgrading projects.

Each station is required to be upgraded to a safe, secure and available station for all user groups. RAMS activities are conducted in accordance with Jernbaneverket’s RAMS Handbook, which is developed in line with CENELEC EN 50126/28/29 requirements. SNC-Lavalin's task was to follow up that the upgrading projects are conducted in line with JBV’s RAMS Hand Book and satisfies SJT’s documentation requirements:
  • Plan, carry out and report RAMS Analyses
  • Establish and follow up the RAM- and Hazard Log 
  • Produce and submit presentation reports to SJT
  • Produce and submit formal applications to SJT
In each project SNC-Lavalin generates extensive safety documentation, in line with the RAMS Handbook and SJT’s documentation requirements. The documentation includes plans, analyses, logs, system descriptions, etc. In addition, SNC-Lavalin's RAMS Adviser contributes to the professional communication with NoBo, Assessing unit and Assessor when such 3rd parties are involved in the project.

SJT = Statens jernbanetilsyn

SNC-Lavalin contributes to successful upgrading projects by contributing to solutions with a high level of safety and reliability. SNC-Lavalin also contributes with relevant documentation to the client’s and SJT’s decision processes to ensure that projects can be conducted without unnecessary delays.

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