Client: Holte Consulting (for the City of Oslo)

Year: 2013

The City of Oslo is looking to replace its fleet of 72 trams to reflect new requirements. Higher durability, lower cost maintenance, silent travel, lightweight vehicles and modernisation are just some of the new features to be considered during replacement.

The concept selection report (KVU) regarding the Oslo tram strategy was made in early 2013. SNC-Lavalin therefore offered their rail expertise to the group performing the quality assessment work (KS1) of this KVU, in the objective that the correct political decision will be made.

Project Activities

SNC-Lavalin assessed the following areas:
  • Tram concepts including benchmarking
  • Workshop placement, costs and requirements
  • Trams’ compatibility with the existing infrastructure tram replacement process


Our unique experience and global knowledge within trams has added value and helped the customer to make qualified decisions for further actions.

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