Client: NSB

Year: 2014

The introduction of SAP (Systems, Applications & Products) at NSB created an urgent need to upgrade the IRMA-based train part numbers to a coding system compatible with SAP. At this time the IRMA Register contained 130.000 items. In order to allow migration of all these items into SAP each item had to be coded. SNC-Lavalin took the full responsibility of code upgrading of the train parts.

SNC-Lavalin carried out the entire process of thoroughly looking into each item in order to ensure the correct categorization based on physical properties, function and location in the different train types. SNC-Lavalin also clarified, for each item, the type of item/material, for example a consumable = ZCON or a repairable part = ZREP. Based on these results SNC-Lavalin created unique SAP codes for every train part.    

SNC-Lavalin established the upgraded coding of all the train part numbers to the right time to be uploaded into the SAP System. Based on the coding created by SNC-Lavalin the client can easily integrate new and/or changed items in their SAP System.

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