Client: Sporveien Oslo AS

Year: 2015

A significant amount of money has been spent on servicing vital relays every eight years, even though most of the relays can operate with longer service intervals.

Relay suppliers recommend servicing based on the number of operations or results from periodic testing.

SNC-Lavalin was originally engaged to coordinate the relay revision. In addition, Interfleet took the initiative to propose a new maintenance policy.

SNC-Lavalin activities include:
  • Coordination of the track relays maintenance.
  • Optimization of servicing; track relays are now serviced based on 1 million operations or based on functional test results.
  • Introduction of an Automatic Relay Tester to perform on site testing by in-house resources.
  • Updating of the maintenance systems to support the new maintenance policy.
  • Improved monitoring of relay condition.
The client has saved a lot of money by implementing SNC-Lavalin's recommendations, both operationally and financially. Cost reductions exceed 20 MNOK over the next eight years.

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