Client: Sporveien Oslo AS

Year: 2014

After a project pre-study carried out by SNC-Lavalin in 2013 the client decided to implement six of the proposed measures, which had the objective of reducing the number of incidents with:

  • People crossing the track when barriers are in the locked position
  • Vehicles trapped between barriers

SNC-Lavalin’s task was to implement the measures:

  • Optimization of barrier usage using timers
  • Improve Interaction with road traffic light system (Vinderen Crossing)
  • Optimization of maintenance
  • Improving roadside light signaling
  • Media and public communication strategies 
  • Experimenting with barrier skirt at the Ris crossing
This projects intention was to turn the increasing trend of illegal level crossing passages. The goal has been accomplished, and SNC-Lavalin's engagement has been extended to implement further measures.

The Oslo Metros level crossings represent the largest safety risk for the Metros customers. SNC-Lavalin is happy to have contributed to improving safety.

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