Client: Jernbaneverket

Year: 2013

Jernbaneverket has a number of rail carriages that are applied for the revision of catenaries. These carriages are diesel driven and are equipped with a personnel lift, from which the carriage can be remote operated at a limited speed. Some of the carriages were upgraded with a more powerful lift, which was also heavier than the original one.

Later on, during a teaching session, the upgraded carriage derailed during remote operation from the lift.

SNC-Lavalin was consulted by Jernbaneverket to investigate the delailment and to identify measures to secure the stability of the carriages.

SNC-Lavalin carried out an examination of the upgraded carriages and investigations of the derailment event in order to identify of the causes of the derailment. SNC-Lavalin then presented the investigation results to Jernbaneverket, including recommendations in the form of technical and operational measures found necessary to prevent derailment, including requirements were:

  • Differential pressure valves
  • Center of gravity of the carriage
  • Setting of levelling valves
  • Driving with different lift configurations
  • Driving on a straight vs curved track 
  • Supervision during operation
  • Ballasting and stability  

SNC-Lavalin also identified scenarios in which the risk of derailment could be increased – and which therefore should be avoided.

Based on the thorough examination og the dynamics of this operation and investigation of the derailment SNC-Lavalin was able to provide solid prescriptions for safe and effective operation of the upgraded revision carriages.

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