Client: Jernbaneverket

Year: 2016

The objective of the Pilot Line project is to build a new ERTMS signaling system on the railway from Ski Station to Sarpsborg Station on the Østfoldbanen Østre Linje in compliance with TSI CCS (Control, Command and Signaling).

There are several methods for TSI requirements verification, which often causes different opinions and discussions around which methods to apply. It is, however, required that the verification methods are in line with the selected Verification Module of the TSI.

SNC-Lavalin's role in this project is to support TÜV SÜD who is contracted as the Notified Body (NoBo) on this System. The NoBo needs a range of project documentation to be able to certify the system according to the TSI CCS.

SNC-Lavalin coordinates the supplier and Jernbaneverket with the NoBo. Therefore, understanding the requirements defined by TSI CCS, comparing it with Jernbaneverket Requirements (Teknisk regelverk) and understanding the suppliers verification methods are key factors in this project.

SNC-Lavalin handles the interface between the legal ATC system and the TSI CCS subsystem at the certification level. SNC-Lavalin also handles the documentation regarding the certification of the system in line with Jernbaneverket Document Handling Procedures.

To be able to answer questions from the NoBo, SNC-Lavalin must be fully familiar with and updated on the ERTMS design and engineering. Part of the acceptance process is to have the requirement verified in a way that is accepted by the NoBo. This includes all the Engineering Rules set in the TSI CCS.

Due to the need of As Built Drawings, it might be quite challenging to have a system certification ready before the system is placed in service. To obtain preliminary acceptance, SNC-Lavalin has monitored the progress of certification process and made the required agreements with SJT to allow the line to enter into operation.

In order to achieve the Certificate for a TSI CCS Compliant Installation the system also needs to be compliant with CCS related requirements outside the TSI CCS. SNC-Lavalin is handling all the Interfaces between the TSI CCS and those related TSIs in the project, i.e. TSI CCS refers to TSI RST, TSI INF, TSI ENE, TSI OPE etc.

SNC-Lavalin has gained significant experience and understanding of the TSI Implementation as an element of Norwegian legislation. This enables Interfleet to offer solid TSI knowledge in the interpretation of TSI CCS. 

SNC-Lavalin has also handled the Experience Transfer from the ERTMS Project to other units of Jernbaneverket.

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