You will have a warm welcome to SNC-Lavalin Rail & Transit before you even join, as our onboarding process starts at recruitment. Initial induction into the business is a balanced approach, welcoming and informative.

The success of our business is dependent on the people working within it, which is why learning and development is a core value of working here. We strive to capitalise on the skills and abilities of staff in order to add value in everything we do. 

We believe in providing ongoing training to ensure you excel in your role and develop your skills throughout your career with us.

We work with the SNC-Lavalin Academy which provides structured programmes to support personal and professional development throughout your career. The Academy is one of the driving forces for shaping the organisation, its direction and future. We address corporate-wide development needs, develop key competencies and create an environment that promotes networking, sharing best practices as well as creating alignment and synergies.

Development efforts focus on providing stimulating project and assignment opportunities, targeted training activities and mentoring and coaching.  We value professional accreditation and support with professional membership wherever appropriate.

We value and motivate our staff through clear career paths and individual opportunities, which are underpinned by our Global Talent Review and Performance Review processes.

Recruitment Contact

Christina Bjerke Lødding

+47 906 20 874​  

Prinsens gate 5
0152 Oslo