The economic impact of transport is a source of perpetual debate in the sector, but is it over thought? Because the evidence underpinning appraisal processes used across the globe have been developed through the breadth and depth of analysis into economic, social and environmental impacts and evidently some transport schemes have been transformative for the communities served. Yet often ‘black box’ models are used to provide impetus to a scheme with very little regard to correctly identifying the objective and then managing the practicalities of financing, building and ensuring the outcome.

Our Transport Planning team work closely with our Transformation team on all appraisal and business case assignments to ensure that the strategic objectives are aligned to the economics and practicalities of delivery. The result is the development of leaner, fitter projects where the emphasis is less on boosting the benefits and more on quantifying the probable outcome whilst driving costs by challenging the finance, construction, operating and maintenance approach at every stage.

We work on projects globally. With expertise based in both the UK and Australia, we are able to deploy experience of the UK’s Transport Business Case, WebTAG (Transport Analysis Guidance) with industry leading development of Australia Transport Council’s National Guidelines for transport management and modelling.

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