With emerging technology, the options for collecting fares have expanded rapidly. The method of fulfilment also has a significant impact on the range of available fares and passengers’ attitude toward the service. Our experts work with transport authorities and operators to develop and deploy effective ticketing, retail and fulfilment strategies to optimise farebox income and customer satisfaction.

We support transit providers capture the full value of their fare revenue through development of Revenue Protection Strategies. Our Transport Advisory team's best practice has been deployed in global transport markets using our three-stage approach:

Part 1 - Fare Evasion Measurement
We employ a non-confrontational survey-based methodology using a combination of discrete interviews and observations to accurately measure the fare evasion rate (which can be under-estimated by up to 50%).

Part 2 - Strategy
Our innovative model tests different strategies for revenue protection. These strategies are tailored to meet each operator’s specific constraints and local laws.

Part 3 – Deployment
Following development of an effective strategy, we help operators deploy, or often simply re-deploy, solutions and resources.

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