Where does freight on rail sit within the overall supply chain? Does a decision to use rail reflect time, reliability, convenience and/or cost? Helping clients to understand the role of rail within the suite of transport decisions is what we do. Whether you’re an infrastructure provider seeking to build or enhance freight facilities, an operator wanting to assess cost efficiency, asset value or market risk, we have experts who know the industry and understand what makes rail freight work.

Clients come to us for our sound market knowledge, understanding of freight market dynamics and thorough appreciation of rail operations. We are independent, have technical expertise, rigourous processes and know what works. Our clients see us as an honest broker between operator and infrastructure provider, providing independent, technically sound advice. We work seamlessly with ports, infrastructure providers, financers and industry.

Our experts can help develop freight strategies, design and model freight operations, develop business cases for investment in infrastructure and rolling stock and carry out market assessments. Our expertise includes:
  • Developing commercial agreements
  • Assessing new terminals
  • Due diligence on asset purchase
  • Needs case development
  • Regulation and cross border freight operations

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Director, Transport Planning
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