We understand that the quality of the planning and delivery of a service is pivotal to the reputation and performance of transport operators, whether meeting demand efficiently or supporting safe and punctual operations. The social, technical and competitive environment for rail is constantly developing and changing. Our operations team, which offers a blend of experienced railway professionals and highly qualified modellers and analysts, can help our clients keep one step ahead.

We provide practical, real world solutions underpinned by intellectually robust theory. Our comprehensive consultancy service includes:
  • Planning and timetabling
  • Capacity optimisation
  • Safety advisory services
  • Performance planning and simulation
  • Rolling stock and manpower resourcing
  • Signalling
  • Freight terminal operations
  • Energy efficiency
  • Customer service
  • Stations management

Our capability expands to rail capacity and fleet planning, operation and timetabling modelling and infrastructure assessment. We are developing a growing reputation for innovative, practical and customer focused delivery across all the key business sectors including heavy rail, light rail, franchising, freight, environmental, open access operations, port authorities, central and local government and infrastructure providers.

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