In order to ensure a project delivers the full benefits anticipated, we help clients to identify and capture their requirements, supporting with business case appraisal as necessary.  

Our Transformation team are experts in scoping, defining and securing delivery of the customer objectives (often billed as “Sponsorship”). Our experience is broad and global, from defining user requirements for infrastructure and rolling stock investment, owning and managing the business cases, through championing end-user requirements when privatising operations.

Transport projects often require high capital outlay, complex stakeholder relationships and can involve long lead times from initial idea to delivery into service. Inevitably, circumstances often change during that time which creates a challenge. We help clients ensure that their interests are met as affordability and delivery challenges emerge.

Our approach requires us to work very closely with our clients. Success is built from collaboration with all stakeholders and we work with, and often represent our clients in managing these interfaces. Our focus is always on the outcome and our processes include regular and structured challenges to test the validity of solutions in order to achieve success.

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Director, Transformation
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