Transport owners, operators and agencies need to know if their services are being operated economically and efficiently whether in or out-sourced.  We measure efficiency against the transport sector by comparing business performance between similar organisations regionally or internationally.

This benchmarking can include cost (capital and operational), passenger revenues, vehicle utilisation or customer satisfaction. Our breadth of knowledge in the rail industry positions us to undertake benchmarking studies across these areas. 

Since markets, politics, environments and transport operations differ across the world; we never assume that the same component of two operations can be compared simply. Our benchmarking process begins with our transport experts undertaking situational analysis which allows us to normalise parameters to determine best practice metrics which can be applied to other operators. Our industry contacts allow us to benchmark using a range of systems. By using key performance indicators from several different operators in each study, we are able to ensure there is no bias in our results.

When developing a benchmark, we work bottom up to determine how the service being benchmarked should be performing in terms of financial and operational performance. Our results are always presented in full, and with insight and advice on how improvements can be made.

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