For those sponsoring investment projects or putting the provision of transport services out to competition, it is becoming more important than ever that procurement processes are reliably and successfully managed and that the benefits of investments are secured in full, on time and cost effectively - through risks being suitably allocated and managed where they cannot be minimised or transferred.  

Our Transaction team is highly experienced in:
  • Supporting clients with their procurements
  • Assisting them to define their objectives and establish a suitable strategy
  • Determine the outputs they need and prepare appropriate requirements and performance specifications
  • Procurement documentation and bid evaluation processes and plans

Through benchmarking or comparator cost modelling, as appropriate, we can support the refinement and confirmation of client technical requirements and of CAPEX or OPEX pricing assumptions.

We can provide ongoing leadership of procurements including the development and management of tender, evaluation and negotiation phase processes and procedures, reporting and approvals. We can lead or support client negotiations with the preferred bidder(s), leading to successful contract award, including for complex projects requiring suites of multi-party agreements including finance or lease agreements.

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Director, Transaction
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