PPPs and Concessions represent highly complex transactions. Our Transaction team has worked on multiple projects and in multiple roles for many different stakeholder groups, providing us with both deep experience and a broad perspective on such transactions.

We advise Procurement Authorities/Sponsors on structuring these deals including on decisions regarding scope, duration, risk transfer and other terms. Our work with bidders, contractors, lenders and advisory teams gives us insights into the likely responses of the market to key issues.

Interfleet’s Transaction team supports Bidders and Contractors for complex PPP and Concession projects. We advise on bid strategies, teaming and subcontracting arrangements, consortium structuring, risk assessment, long term asset management, projected outcomes of payment and performance regimes, etc. Our work buy-side gives us insights into the likely application of scoring and assessment regimes and acceptability/impact of risk allocation mark-ups.

Lenders and Equity Sponsors require independent advice on the robustness, comprehensiveness and risks associated with these highly complex transactions. Our team is experienced in acting as technical adviser to such parties. Our work on all sides of transactions allows us to comment on the likely acceptability of bidder proposals and assumptions, and issues that may emerge during any preferred bidder negotiations.

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