To obtain the necessary corporate buy-in prior to entering into transactions in the transport sector, whether acquiring or disposing of assets or operations or financing new assets, it is necessary for project promoters and sponsors to be able to set out a full appreciation of the operational, commercial and financial risks and reasonableness of the proposition concerned.

Equity parties and debt providers need to understand the risk mitigations available to them in order to avoid or minimise the impact of such risks as well as the contractual protections available to them in the case that risks crystallise.

Our Transaction team has extensive experience working with investors, lenders and asset finance specialists to provide independent technical advice, bringing out the material issues and risks and providing clarity regarding the reasonableness of the proposition under review.

This includes advice regarding the nature, scale and likelihood of specific risks materialising and the cost of mitigations. It includes technical advice on contractual provisions available to protect the parties, the limitations of such protections and such further provisions that could be considered in order for transactions to meet the requirements of investment committees.

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