Our On-Track Plant and Machine engineers provide world class expertise across all engineering disciplines. We have a deep understanding of On-Track Plant and Machine systems and technologies:
  • Structures and crashworthiness
  • Bogies and suspensions
  • Wheel / rail interface
  • Brakes
  • Air systems
  • Traction, auxiliary and control systems
  • Drive train and power
  • Communication and information systems
  • Working equipment and safety systems
We have extensive experience in analysis and modeling techniques:
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Crash simulation
  • Dynamics and gauging, including VAMPIRE
We provide testing and measurement services including dynamics and ride, wheel/rail interface, structures, interior heating and cooling and energy usage. We develop test specifications, instrument test trains, manage test programs, collect and analyse test data and produce test reports.
Our services help clients manage and develop their assets:
  • We carry out technical investigations
  • We undertake EMC testing and develop EMC strategies to support train acceptance
  • We develop corrosion management strategies to support life extension
  • We implement asset condition monitoring systems
  • We help manage noise and vibration, improve reliability and enhance safety
We also provide sustainable engineering solutions, expertise in fuel technology and exhaust emissions and offer energy management solutions.

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Group Commercial Manager
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