We can provide On-Track Plant and Machine enhancement services to international operators, owners and manufacturers. We develop and manage refurbishments, system enhancements, life extension packages and modifications/up-grades.
We support the full lifecycle of an enhancement project:
  • Feasibility studies to assess options
  • Concept designs and industrial design schemes
  • Detailed engineering design and assessments of fire safety
  • Design assurance and safety assurance activities
  • Materials procurement and installation program management
We support enhancement projects by delivering specific technical services, deploying project and engineering resources into client organisations and undertaking turnkey projects. We have strong credentials in implementing life extensions, ETCS installations and technology upgrades.
Our expertise includes:
  • Developing technical specifications
  • Providing specialist services including industrial design and human factors
  • Producing project, safety and technical documentation
  • Undertaking on-the-ground manufacturing surveillance and audit programs
  • Managing testing and commissioning
  • Managing configuration and change management
  • Managing vehicle introduction logistics and operations support

Contact Us

Jonny Beatty
Group Commercial Manager
+44 (0) 1332 223333