We provides fleet maintenance and depot expertise to international On -Track Plant and Machine operators, owners and manufacturers. We have extensive experience specifying, developing and refining fleet maintenance strategies and creating innovative depot and facility solutions.
We have a deep understanding of  On-Track Plant and Machine assets, systems and technologies, fleet maintenance strategies and approaches, and the logistics and processes required to deliver efficient and effective fleet maintenance outcomes.
We help clients manage and develop their asset management systems to support maintenance functions and we develop effective maintenance strategies to deliver safety, availability, performance and cost objectives. Our expertise includes:
  • Optimising maintenance and overhaul plans through exam balancing, RCM and similar techniques
  • Developing formal maintenance documentation
  • Facilitating temporary maintenance and overhaul deferrals
We draw on our internal expertise across human factors, systems and safety assurance to create practical and effective maintenance solutions. We undertake maintenance system reviews and maintenance audits, and we develop and implement maintenance staff training programs. We also help specify and develop vehicle/machine cleaning arrangements to improve presentation outcomes.
Our systems engineering team develop depot concept designs, specify depot facilities and develop depot layout solutions to optimise fleet outcomes. We also provide environmental management expertise.

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Jonny Beatty
Group Commercial Manager
+44 (0) 207 105 3719