Humans are often critical to the smooth running of systems.  Human Factors helps to ensure they can do their job safely and efficiently.  We understand the physical and behavioural aspects of:
  • People – train drivers, maintainers, signallers, passengers
  • The spaces they use – cabs, saloons, platforms and stations, signal control rooms
  • How they interact with their work and leisure environment

Typically our Human Factors team offers:

Rolling Stock
  • Smooth introduction of New Technology such as ETCS or cab modifications
  • User friendly technology that suits both the user and what they are trying to achieve.
  • Objective independent assessment and early involvement reduces time taken to gain user acceptance and smooth the way with trade unions.
  • We can help ensure that when a new system is integrated to the cab it is suitable for the range of driving positions, with good sightlines, freedom from issues of glare and reflections and suitable luminance to cope with rapid changes in lighting conditions when entering and leaving tunnels.
  • Reduce likelihood occupational health issues through good driver cab ergonomics – objective, scientific and independent assessment gets to the root cause of problems which can avoid potential high costs associated with cab modifications that do not address the real issue.
  • Reduce train delay/improve journey times through reduced opportunity for human error and its impact:
    • door opening issues
    • signal errors
    • train technical problems relating to repeat maintenance issues
  • Ensure that new rolling stock complies with European and British legislation such as GM/RT2161

Effective independent Incident Investigation
Our independent Human factors experts can help you ensure that near misses and incidents are a learning exercise that bring about effective and sustainable change; identifying both root and contributory causes, securing engagement throughout the organisation for sustainable solutions.

Leading Research
Our Human Factors team have academic experts that have led their field of research and delivered large scale research projects.  Typical topic areas include communications, mental workload, SPADs, driver error. Based in London, Derby and Edinburgh in the UK, our Human Factors team has the capacity to be very flexible and responsive – good for large projects that call for a mix of experience and for small projects that have very tight deadlines.

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