The safety critical control of signalling takes place in a wide variety of facilities and environments reflecting the operational growth and history of the railway. Control technologies in use range from lever cabins with mechanical interlocking through to full traffic management systems with largely automated train graphing systems.

Our Rail Control Systems team recognise that each type of signalling interface and control centre is unique with a specific approach required to address the complexity and scope of routes, operational interfaces and local rules and processes, including decision making hierarchies. We provide a human centred approach, balancing enhanced Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) with greater levels of automation including Automatic Route Setting (ARS), Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) and Automatic Train Regulation (ATR) systems using algorithms that weigh up destination, train type, loading and junction priorities.

We have significant experience covering traditional switch panels, entry exit (NX) panels, IECC systems, VDU based technology and full traffic management. Our team can help the migration from conventional control systems, and advise on the best approach to integrating data across multiple systems. We recognise the value of continuing working with conventional and legacy signalling control panels; overcoming obsolescence issues and extending operational life. Through the innovative use of readily available data, we can offer enhancements to these systems, augmenting them with the functionality to provide an improved understanding of train running.

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