Operational control of the railway brings together the information, planning and real time resource management that is required to provide a service to the customer. A clear chain of command is required combining infrastructure, power, train fleet, operations staff, passenger information and security, all led by the strategic route control. 

Any mitigation to a perturbation that requires the base operating plan to be changed will have to consider each of these elements. For emergency situations it is essential that information is accurate, co-ordinated and readily available and communicated in such a way that rapid, informed decisions can be made and implemented effectively.

With our understanding of the whole railway system, our Rail Control Systems team can offer expertise in all aspects of operational control. Our approach is scalable and flexible from a new holistic greenfield control centre, to specific operating systems. We offer advice, planning, design and project delivery services for integration, upgrades and migrations. We work with both legacy and Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products, developing bespoke integration solutions as required.

The team also support maintenance and fault controls and their associated systems. Developments in Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) have seen a massive impact on performance, allowing repair and renewal ahead of failure. We can support and facilitate the flow of information between operator and maintainer in order to optimise engineering works planning, access and interventions.

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