Modern railways are saturated, complex systems that are constrained by the often overwhelming expense and time required to provide additional infrastructure. Traffic Management (TM) systems provide integrated control solutions which help maximise capacity, performance and determine the best network response to incidents and delay.

Traffic management provides a dynamic operational interface linking train planning, regulation, signalling and train control systems with infrastructure capability. Traffic Management (TM) systems are highly automated, making extensive use of Automatic Route Setting (ARS) functionality. Armed with accurate, timely information, the operator role becomes more strategic, making the key planning decisions to best manage perturbations.

Our Rail Control Systems team's technical and operational expertise along with our holistic understanding of the railway system places us at the forefront of traffic management delivery. Working with suppliers clients and other key industry stakeholders, we can offer highly qualified and experienced resources for all areas relevant to Traffic Management systems including signalling, rolling stock, Driver Advisory Systems, (C)DAS, communication networks, customer information systems, asset management systems, simulation and modelling.

The successful deployment of Traffic Management systems require a paradigm shift in the way railways are operated and managed. Our real operational experience coupled with in-house software, systems and human factors expertise, helps us to put the user at the heart of our approach.
We are experienced at delivering change within a live railway environment and are already taking a lead role in this area of the rail industry.

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