Providing a flexible, multi-discipline approach to deliver tangible operational benefits to clients.

As industry leaders, we work with suppliers, users and project clients to deliver and integrate railway Operational Control Centre and Traffic Management systems. We provide a flexible, multi discipline approach to deliver tangible operational benefits to any railway or project environment.

Control centres are the beating heart of any railway system providing an operational fulcrum for the core railway systems, including Signalling Control, Traffic Management, Communications, SCADA, CCTV, Customer Information Systems, Asset Maintenance Interfaces and Performance Measurement and Reporting tools.

To optimise total system performance, we offer all aspects of specialist system engineering, delivery, integration and assurance. Our goal is to provide systems with the right balance of automation, intuitive functional interfaces and user friendly Control Centre working environments. To achieve this, we use a human centred approach, synergising the requirements of the operator with the functionality provided through technology.

Our experience enables us to work with our clients in order to maximise best value from legacy systems. We also deliver migration pathways at both strategic and tactical levels, allowing the introduction of new technologies and their impact on operating practices to be implemented upon existing railways with minimum service disruption.

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