Railways require unusually long service lives of their assets. Over these decades of service, technologies and supplier organisations change, leading to a decreasing ability to support the installation. Conversely, expectations and user requirements change, through demands for new functionality, increases in ridership, railway extensions and remodelling. Adapting these obsolescent legacy signalling and train control technologies to meet changing requirements can therefore be a major challenge.

Our Rail Control Systems team is suited to this challenge as we work from high-level principles which are common to all rail systems, and have experience in working with many mainline metro and light rail legacy technologies. These include infrastructure-specific technologies (for example on London Underground lines) and proprietary technologies (such as Westrace, Seltrac, TBS100, VPI, SIMIS, VHLC and electromechanical systems). Our expertise allows the life of such systems to be extended through targeted intervention. Using reverse engineering techniques, it is possible to either replace elements of these systems or upgrade discrete functions without wholesale replacement, leading to significant cost savings.

There is a particular need for this expertise when upgrading legacy technologies to a new train control system, as the existing and new systems must be interfaced to enable a seamless migration path whilst simultaneously minimising service disruption.

However unique your railway is – we have expertise to assist.

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