Our Rail Control Systems team have broad ranging experience in all aspects of conventional signalling from initial feasibility studies, to test and commissioning activities. We can deploy this experience to ensure that stakeholders are identified, project requirements are well understood, the options for meeting those requirements are identified and optimised, and that the chosen solution is fully documented so that design, construction and test activities can progress efficiently and to programme.

We believe in involving operators and maintainers and all project lifecycle stakeholders early in the project so that they can influence the chosen solution and hence reduce the risk and cost of rework at later project stages; a major cause of signalling project overruns and expense. Our breadth of technological and disciplinary expertise covers different infrastructures and gives us an advantage in developing solutions where railways span boundaries between infrastructure controllers (with different operating regimes and control systems) or where inter-running between different types of rail vehicle is required.

Our expertise covers:
  • Electromechanical, electronic and computer based interlockings and route setting systems
  • Train detection (including axle counter and track circuit technologies)
  • Train protection (ranging from trainstops, Train Protection Warning System (TPWS) and Automatic Warning System (AWS) to Automatic Train Protection (ATP) systems) Level Crossings and Tilt Authorisation and Speed Supervision (TASS) systems

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Director, Rail Infrastructure Systems
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