One of the major challenges with the introduction of new railway control systems is demonstrating that they are safe and fit for purpose. Covering signalling, control, traffic management, communications and information systems, rolling stock and infrastructure, our Rail Control Systems team are able to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to assurance which covers all aspects of system acceptance, approval and certification.

We have extensive experience of providing safety analysis and engineering services to support product approvals, the development of safety justifications and safety cases or the development of safety management systems for a wide range of organisations.

At a strategic level we can also advise or define the technical or safety assurance pathways and regimes that should apply to any particular project, including the establishment of progressive assurance regimes where the risk profile is high.

We offer a range of specialist services such as Independent Competent Person (ICP) under the Railway and Other Guided Systems (Safety) Regulations (ROGS) Common Safety Methods. We also have experience of undertaking Notified Body (NoBo), Designated Body (DeBo) or Accredited Assessment Body (AsBo) duties to assess compliance with European Directives, UK regulations and the relevant Notified National Technical Rules.

Additionally the team provides a wide range of independent advisory, investigation and audit services including incident and accident investigation and expert witness for legal purposes.

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