Modern railways consist of many complex, feature-rich and application-specific subsystems, which are installed throughout the railway; including on board trains. Historically, the railway has grown and developed organically over time, leaving a legacy of systems and a patchwork of interfaces all at varying stages of their asset lifecycle. A major challenge for rail authorities is the renewal and replacement of these systems in a manner which not only retains system functionality, but also offers an integrated solution that can be introduced whilst minimising disruption to day to day railway operations.

Our definition of system integration are the processes and techniques used to plan, design, migrate and coordinate subsystems into on overarching system, demonstrating that the complete solution meets the desired safe, operable, maintainable functionality and performance. We work with clients, suppliers and other industry stakeholders to bring about the successful deployment and integration of safety-critical systems in diverse environments. These include control rooms, wayside locations, and on-board rail vehicles.

Services provided in this area include:
  • Integrated planning
  • Technical and design integration
  • Interface management
  • Operational preparedness and organisational change
  • System migration
  • Programme management
  • Stakeholder management

Building upon our diverse experience developed both in the UK and internationally, we are in a position to engage by fulfilling posts or by undertaking specific packages of work based on the needs of our clients.

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