Railway Control Systems are complex, diverse solutions which often have safety critical interfaces.  These systems need a comprehensive approach to the management of requirements, interfaces and system stakeholders throughout the project life cycle. Our Rail Control Systems team applies structured, rigorous, flexible and proven system engineering processes to ensure the realisation of safe, reliable and integrated rail control systems that deliver their intended outputs.

We deliver an end-user focused approach to defining customer needs and functionality early in the development cycle. Through documenting and disaggregating requirements (using industry standard tools such as DOORS where required) our approach ensures full traceability, validation and verification throughout the asset lifecycle. As part of our asset lifecycle management approach we also provide configuration management support ensuring that changes to the state of the system or solution are managed effectively. 

As part of our system engineering approach, our team has extensive experience of constructing and developing cost-effective simulations and models to support optioneering, analysis, evaluation, decision-making and testing of systems. We use a variety of commercial and in-house tools to verify performance, build confidence in designs and identify constraints or assumptions before delivery of the final solution. Examples include extensive use of timetable and capacity modelling, system performance modelling and 3D and ergonomics modelling of control centre environments.

We can support system design development while considering the complete railway system, including safety, operations, performance, testing, manufacturing, whole life cost cycles and maintainability at any stage of the asset lifecycle.

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