Telecommunication systems perform a pivotal role within the railway system allowing both voice and data to be transmitted, received and where required, displayed to the end user. These systems are diverse and our Rail Control Systems team have a wealth of technical expertise and broad systems knowledge to draw on for the implementation of safety critical, safety related and commercial-use communication systems. Our experience includes the design and approval of systems for new and novel applications utilising a wide rage of data bearers and network architectures to meet operational requirements.

Today’s bearer networks provide a range of high and low bandwidth, mixed traffic services across core and local access networks. These networks are comprised of legacy technologies such as Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) and Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (PDH) and a range of current or next generation network (NGN) technologies. NGN systems provide optical services over Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) systems and Ethernet services over Internet Protocol (IP) routers and switches. Bridging the gap between fixed network and mobile devices are WiFi and WiMax systems that can be implemented as part of an end to end solution. As legacy Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) based systems become more widely obsolete and the trend continues towards IP and NGN solutions, we are able to support development and implementation of technology migration strategies.

Operational voice and data telecoms systems support the day to day operation of the railway. Typical systems include fixed voice from the wayside into a control centre (CC), signal box (SB) or Route Operations Control (ROC) using a traditional telephony service or using Voice over IP (VoIP) protocol.  Operational data services include low speed point to point data for applications such as SCADA and signalling applications to high speed applications for systems such as level crossing CCTV. Operational radio systems include GSM-R, digital trunked radio systems, microwave and other VHF/UHF radio systems. We can also provide guidance on spectrum management and frequency planning.

Improving the passenger experience is the aim of many of our clients. Our Rail Control Systems team are able to provide expertise into the management and presentation of information at stations including customer information systems, public address, help points, interfaces with industry systems and telematics systems. To help keep stations staff and passengers safe we are also able to provide pragmatic and innovative approach to the implementation of CCTV systems.

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