We are a leading provider of consultancy services to clients who are seeking to improve the efficiency, capacity, safety and value-for-money of their railway assets. We achieve this through both the optimisation of existing systems and the introduction of modern rail control systems to enable extensive automation, including fully unmanned solutions.

Our capabilities and expertise covers the full spectrum of rail control systems including in-cab, conventional and legacy signalling, automated train control on metro and mainline infrastructure, centralised traffic control centres, and communications and information systems. We also cover a wide range of related systems such as platform edge obstacle detection and protection, intelligent remote monitoring and automatic fare collection; which are increasingly being integrated with core control systems to enhance levels of automation.

Building upon the extensive experience within our other products, we are able to offer a full range of services to our clients that are seeking to develop and deliver integrated rail control solutions within a wider, whole-rail-system context. Examples include the integration of control systems with both rail vehicles and fixed infrastructure, and managing change across the business, operations, and maintenance regimes from which whole rail systems are comprised. Our approach is fully scalable and can be used equally on minor modification projects or large and complex programmes to introduce new control technologies across entire rail networks.

Our Rail Control Systems team comprises many industry leading experts, encompassing experience across an unparalleled range of products, technologies, systems and solutions being used throughout all rail transport modes around the world.

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