10th June 2015

Interfleet Sweden has now moved from Solna to their new office in Alvik in Stockholm from 18 May. Around 120 employees have relocated to the offices in the Alvik district.
Regional Director, Mikael said: “We’ve moved here as it’s much better location for our clients and our other colleagues across the Sweden offices.  The biggest change is that we now have an activity-based office with a tailor-made solution in everything from choosing materials and furniture and new workspace. With the open plan there are different types of workspace where you can choose to work at a desk, in a meeting room, a sofa or even in the lounge area.
“As an employer who takes engagement seriously we have listened to the views of our employees and have included many of their ideas in the new space. We realise that not everyone works in the same way, the days of working 9 to 5 at your desk has changed over the years and we’re now adapting our work place to take on board this changing style of working.
“Since our move we welcomed Senior Managers from across the whole Interfleet Group to a recent conference, this new space made it possible.”
Gustavslundsvägen 141, 167 51 Bromma
+46 10 1681100

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