19th June 2015

Interfleet North America will be attending and speaking at the Rail Showcase at the APTA Rail 2015 conference being held in Salt Lake City, Utah between Sunday 21st and Wednesday 24th June.
APTA rail is a major annual conference/event that brings together in excess of 2000 senior figures from across the North American rail industry. APTA Rail is the number one passenger rail event of the year that provides Interfleet North America with a tremendous, cost effective opportunity for networking. It is viewed as a must attend event each year as a means of nurturing existing relationships and creating new ones.
Eight Interfleet staff will be attending, which supports and aligns with the progress and growth that has been achieved in North America. Interfleet North America will be launching the Interfleet alliance with Vergara Studio, an initiative which will enhance Industrial Design work in North America.
For more information on the conference
Talk with our rail industry experts during one of the Technical Sessions listed below.
Interfleet Presenters
Sunday June 21, 9:45am- 11:15am
Envoy, First Floor, The Grand America Hotel, Chair
Committee Meeting, Modern Streetcar Design Guidelines Working Group,
John Smatlak, Principal Consultant - Interfleet North America
Monday June 22, 2015, 10:30am to 12pm                                                                                                             
Track 1: Rebirth & Resurgence of Streetcars in North America                                                                    
State-of-the-Art in Light Rail Alternative Power Supplies                                                                                              
John Smatlak, Principal Consultant - Interfleet North America
Tuesday June 23 10:30am - 12pm
Grand Ballroom D, First Floor, The Grand America Hotel
Track 1: Rolling Stock: Design, Interface Requirements & Standards
A broad look at state-of-the-art rolling stock design, operation, and related standards development
ECP Standard Development and Testing Update-What You Need to Know?
Paul E. Jamieson, P.E., Principal Consultant - Interfleet

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