In the Insight area we invite some of its leading consultants to comment on topical issues relating to their areas of competence; as such these insights are the opinion of the authors not necessarily the opinion of SNC-Lavalin Rail & Transit, its Parent Company or its affiliates. They are a stimulus to debate.

Rail is not about trains – it is about houses

Victor Sanchez, Associate Director Transport Advisory talks about how the revitalisation of the rail industry is not based on a response to user needs, instead it has been driven by the trends around the UK housing market.

1st August 2017
Helping to solve the capacity conundrum with signalling

In this article, Matthew Phillips, Interfleet Rail Control Systems Director and Mark Hughes, Regional Director for Interfleet Australasia, explore how signalling can help to solve the capacity conundrum.

6th October 2015
The Value of Wi-Fi

In this article, Rufus Boyd, Director and Matt Wrigley, Principal Consultant from Interfleet Transport Advisory consider the value of Wi-Fi for rail passengers.

6th March 2015

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