Humans are often critical to the smooth running of systems.  Human Factors helps to ensure they can do their job safely and efficiently.  We understand the physical and behavioural aspects of:
  • People – train drivers, maintainers, signallers, passengers
  • The spaces they use – cabs, saloons, platforms and stations, signal control rooms
  • How they interact with their work and leisure environment

Typically our Human Factors team offers:

Control Rooms
We help to provide a quiet and comfortable working environment that provides the right equipment in the right place for signallers to carry out their jobs efficiently and effectively, with good layout of consoles, appropriate welfare facilities and access for maintenance and cleaning.


  • Reduce passenger congestion and confusion through better signage for good wayfinding.
  • Improve station layouts through better understanding of passenger behaviour.
  • Meet aspirations for inclusive design and ensure compliance with standards by working with user groups to identify disparate user requirements.

  • Reduce risks of derailments and accidents at work in environments known to be high risk such as shunting by understanding the factors that shape human behaviour and lead to poor working practices.
  • Reduce the opportunities for introducing new risks when making changes to depot layouts and equipment by using HF risk assessments that provide an understanding of how work is done in practice and the likely safety implications of changes.

Effective independent Incident Investigation
Our independent Human factors experts can help you ensure that near misses and incidents are a learning exercise that bring about effective and sustainable change; identifying both root and contributory causes, securing engagement throughout the organisation for sustainable solutions.

Leading Research
Our Human Factors team have academic experts that have led their field of research and delivered large scale research projects.  Typical topic areas include communications, mental workload, SPADs, driver error. Based in London, Derby and Edinburgh in the UK, our Human Factors team has the capacity to be very flexible and responsive – good for large projects that call for a mix of experience and for small projects that have very tight deadlines.

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