We assist infrastructure managers and asset owners in developing track asset polices and the business plan justification for these policies. Our consultants draft sections of policy, in line with best practice for evaluation and undertake engineering business case evaluations of potential outcomes. The depth and breadth of experience within our Infrastructure team, including front line maintenance responsibility, means that a whole lifecycle approach can be implemented.

We combine extensive operations and infrastructure experience to provide unique insights into interface problems and potential solutions. At a macro level this includes strategic route planning, analysis/upgrade and track access (possession) strategies. At a micro level we offer an extensive understanding of track/train criticalities and wheel/rail interface issues.

Our team are familiar in undertaking feasibility studies in respect of improved asset inspection and monitoring technologies. Once adoption has been agreed with clients, we develop the necessary changes to standards and work instructions.

Our understanding of all aspects of assets, from specification through design and installation to operation and maintenance, combined with our analytical approach, means that we are well positioned to assist with asset failure investigations.

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