Peter BryantPeter Bryant

How long have you been at SNC-Lavalin?
I joined SNC-Lavalin in 2014.

What attracted you to the SNC-Lavalin graduate scheme?
The SNC-Lavalin graduate scheme offered a range of experience from office based design work to practical experience at depots and manufacturing companies. This formed an excellent foundation for a career in the rail industry, as well as helping me to build the skills and experience needed for Chartership with the IMechE.

Where did you study before?
University of Nottingham.

What course did you do?
I graduated with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering.

What’s your current role at SNC-Lavalin?
For my first appointment, I decided to join the Dynamics and Testing team.

What interests you about your role?
I enjoy the technical nature of the work. There are many opportunities to work on bigger projects and gain a wider perspective of the industry. My day to day work includes running simulations and conducting calculations to determine the safety of railway vehicles when operating on mainline track.

What opportunities have you had since you’ve worked here?
In addition to the regular placements as part of the graduate scheme, I also served as project manager for the SNC-Lavalin (formerly Interfleet) entry to the IMechE Railway Challenge 2015. This is a national competition to design and build a 10.25” gauge locomotive, and test it against other teams in a series of challenges. This was a significant project that provided valuable practical experience managing the team of seven graduates to meet difficult deadlines. Our team came second out of seven teams and won several individual categories. There are many opportunities to get involved with promoting STEM subjects in schools and colleges, supporting university engineering projects and promoting the rail industry. While on the graduate scheme I worked with the Derby Manufacturing University Technical College (UTC) to produce assignments for a BTEC Level 3 project, and supported the students in completing the project. This helped to provide a ‘real world’ rail related context for fundamental engineering concepts. I have also represented SNC-Lavalin at numerous University careers fairs, IMechE events and conferences such as RRUK’s Next Generation Rail.

What other teams have you worked in while on the graduate scheme?
While on the graduate scheme I have worked in most sections of the company, including Mechanical Structures, Rolling Stock Enhancements and Safety and Assurance. I also spent six weeks working at SNC-Lavalin’s Edinburgh office, which provided the opportunity to work on a range of projects with our clients in Scotland.

What makes it a great place to work?
The working environment is friendly and supportive, and our employees are approachable. We are given the opportunity to suggest new ideas to improve the workplace, and many of these have been implemented such as building a new café and providing showers for those cycling to work.