May-Ann LewMay-Ann Lew

How long have you been at SNC-Lavalin?
Four years.

Where did you study?
University of Birmingham.

What course did you do?
Mechanical Engineering.

How have you progressed within the company?
I spent two years in the graduate scheme (including an eight month secondment with Angel Trains as Assistant Fleet Engineer), followed by two years with Rail Control Systems as a consultant.

How did the graduate scheme help in getting you to your current position?
The scheme allowed me to meet various people including internal and external clients. It provided me with the opportunity to experience the different types of work, which helped me learn about the industry and what I was interested in doing for my first appointment. It also gave me a platform to demonstrate my abilities and raise my personal profile.

What’s been your most exciting opportunity yet?
All opportunities are exciting. If I need to choose, it would be when I was working on the European Train Control System (ETCS) for a freight project, where I had the opportunity to work with Network Rail and freight operators and to lead and facilitate stakeholder groups.

What makes it a great place to work?
The people in the company are my favourite. I get a lot of support for professional development, mentoring and have also built friendships among the great people that I get to work with. SNC-Lavalin place high emphasis on talent and people development.