Client: Voyager Leasing

Year: 2008

Voyager Leasing owns 34 Class 220 Voyager and 44 Class 221 Super Voyager units, comprising 352 vehicles. These trains are currently leased to Arriva CrossCountry and Virgin West Coast. SNC-Lavalin is engaged by Voyager Leasing to provide the fleets’ asset management and engineering support.
Review of Engineering Changes: SNC-Lavalin review and approve all Engineering Change requests. To date, 49 submissions have been received and reviewed, including modifications and maintenance changes.

Communications and Meetings: SNC-Lavalin hold regular technical review and contractual review meetings with operators and maintainer, with respect to the protection of Voyager Leasing assets. SNC-Lavalin has regular effective communications with the operators, maintainer and third party suppliers.

NIR/RAIB/HMRI: SNC-Lavalin monitor NIR (National Incident Reports), RAIB (Rail Accident Investigation Branch) and HMRI (Her Majesty's Railway Inspectorate) reports, and report to Voyager Leasing all relevant NIRs and relevant findings and recommendations from RAIB/HMRI reports. All RAIB investigation reports to date have been reviewed and relevant necessary actions discussed with operators.

Technical Advice: SNC-Lavalin advise on changes in legislation, standards and Network Change Requests. Any further actions required to protect the residual value of the assets is reported to Voyager Leasing. Unit hand-backs have been witnessed and routine condition inspections have been carried out to ensure that the maintenance continues the units’ condition.

Fleet Management Plans: SNC-Lavalin has compiled a series of Fleet Management Plans to provide an overview of the individual fleets and provide vehicle history records. These plans record past, present and future actions and issues regarding the technical and performance management of the fleet, being used to provide a whole-life integrated plan for fleet performance improvement. The Fleet Management Plans are also used for resolving safety and compliance issues and will ensure relevant information is available should the lease change hands in the future.

Emerging issues: SNC-Lavalin monitor the future issues that will affect the fleets in the short and longer terms that are outside the interests of the current operators and maintainer. Such issues that have been identified are component obsolescence, developing component and unit reliability, the issues of re-leasing at franchise end and whole life maintenance.

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