Client: Metrolinx

Metrolinx entered into contracts with their suppliers for the supply and delivery of new Bi-Level Commuter Cars and the complete refurbishment of older vehicles. 

As part of this contract, Metrolinx required the support of a well-qualified rail vehicle consultancy to provide on-site Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) services and system level technical evaluation as needed, to evaluate the work, components, systems testing and document the results.

Project Activities

SNC-Lavalin was engaged to provide local, in-house QAR services at the new railcar manufacturer’s facility, as well as the remanufacturer’s facilities. SNC-Lavalin duties include:
  • Perform inspections, audits and work oversight to verify and validate that the station by station production work and test activities performed by the (re)manufacturer satisfy all contractual work scopes and procedures
  • Review and audit of all work procedures, engineering drawings, procurement invoices and testing procedures
  • Verify and validate that the materials used and fitted satisfy the contractual obligations and comply with all relevant regulatory and industry requirements


SNC-Lavalin was responsible for assuring vehicles were received in compliance with the client specification. As a result, inspectors were able to draw upon in-house core competencies in all areas of vehicle systems including mechanical, electrical, dynamic and static operating environments.

During any absence of the inspectors, SNC-Lavalin supplied QAR coverage and continuity, as well as supporting the client with short-term personnel from current staff during periods of peak demand.

As one of the world’s leading rail consultancies, SNC-Lavalin's international reach provides a one stop shop for various inspection activities across multiple countries.

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