Nigel DaviesHow long have you been at SNC-Lavalin Rail & Transit (formerly Interfleet)?
Since it was founded in March 1996. Prior to that I had 13 years with British Railways Board.

What’s your role?
Senior Vice President, Business Development & Marketing for North America.

What interests you about your role?
The variety of the consulting opportunities that we are involved with. Every project opportunity is different. Developing business relationships and strategies to pursue and convert contract opportunities and working at all levels within client organisations from engineering and operations up to senior management and CEO/General manager level. Working with highly motivated and client focused, “team player”  colleagues in the North American region who all have the same goal of wanting the operation to succeed and expand.

What opportunities have you had since you’ve worked here?
I have been fortunate to have held various interesting and evolving positions of increasing seniority since joining the company. I started out in a Customer Account Manager role and gravitated to pure business development and marketing. I took up my present day role as Senior Vice President, Business Development and Marketing for North America in 2008.

What makes it a great place to work?
Variety and opportunity makes working within the organisation a great place to work. Being part of an international firm provides great opportunity to travel and in turn see and learn about other parts of the world and the respective cultures while delivering assignments.

Why do you stay?
If you are a team player, prepared to work hard, are flexible in terms of travel, willing to learn/take on change through working here you will be in the right place to be successful, have fun, make many long lasting friends and augment your engineering and business knowledge from some extremely clever people.