Nick TompkinsHow long have you been at SNC-Lavalin Rail & Transit (formerly Interfleet)?
I have now been here for almost ten years, after 16 years in the rail industry before that.

What’s your role?
I have spent all my time in the Projects Section in Derby, rising from Engineer to Senior Engineer, I’m about to move to our new office in South Africa as Principal Engineer.

What interests you about your role?
The best aspect of consulting is the variety of work that comes my way within the overall umbrella of ‘railways’. I came from a rolling stock manufacturer where I was a test engineer, vehicle engineer and ultimately moved to purchasing and bids.

What opportunities have you had since you’ve worked here?
My CV has been stretched in directions I would never have considered previously, working on procurement of new fleets for owners and for operators, fleet strategy and introduction and on maintenance strategy and documentation. I have carried out condition inspections on locomotives and wagons as part of due diligence for large commercial transactions.

What makes it a great place to work?
In delivering the variety of roles described I have worked in Australia, Denmark, Italy, Poland, South Africa and the USA, a great learning experience about the countries and their railways.

Why do you stay?
I remain here because of the variety of the work and the opportunities that arise. After delivering a long and ongoing project in South Africa we opened a regional office in Johannesburg and I may well see my working life out in the exciting atmosphere of getting a new office started and established in a new territory.